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The Home Front in Devon during 1914 - Dr Richard Batten


This Great War recruiting poster was one of hundreds produced by the authorities during the 1914-18 conflict to encourage people to ‘do their bit’.  It was designed by Robert Baden-Powell, later ennobled as Baron Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting Movement     
Image credit: Museum Victoria

Visitors who have enjoyed The Great War at Fairlynch exhibition will be interested in hearing what an Exeter University researcher has discovered about Devon’s readiness for war 100 years ago.

World War One specialist Richard Batten, from the University of Exeter

From August 1914 to December 1914, Devon’s population witnessed the transformation from peacetime to wartime.  The residents of Devon were encouraged to participate with the war effort which ranged from recruitment campagns to war charities.  Dr Richard Batten’s talk, presented by the Otter Valley Association, will explore how Devonians responded to the circumstances of wartime on the Home Front in 1914.

“The commemoration of the Western Front should not wholly overshadow the wide-ranging activities of the men, women, and children of the British Home Front,” says Dr Batten. “Devon’s local tendency toward charity over service reflects the unusual autonomy of its citizens as they attempted to navigate the different challenges of the war.”

The talk will take place on Tuesday 7 October at 7.30 pm in East Budleigh Village Hall.  Admission costs £2.00 for OVA members and £2.50 for non-members.

‘The Great War at Fairlynch’ 2015 exhibition at Budleigh Salterton’s very special museum! Reviews included: “Wonderful display on WW1, informative, bright and relevant. Well done!! 

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